The Nice Kryta in Guild Wars 2

April 21, 2013

Two monsters which looked like the skinned frogs were born on the dead body of the ghoul, and then they walked to us with their Guild Wars 2 gold slowly, they were very dirty. Now we felt that the zombie warlock was really boring, and we must kill him quickly.
It was the Death Star, its profession was necromancer, and its type was death magic, it was the beneficial skill, when the goal of the enemies died in thirty seconds, other enemies nearby would also get 26 point to 85 point of hurt, and they would be poisoned for fifteen seconds, it consumed five point of energy, the casting time was 2, and the cooling time was 0.
After the zombie warlock died, there would be much green haze, and we would lose much blood and the Guild Wars 2 gold. Even a person who was in full level would also lose one fifth of the blood.
Even worse, the haze was poisoned, and the Coated Poison of a freelancer was not stronger than it.
Dakar shot an arrow in time, the casting speed of the Death Star was a little slow, and it needed two seconds, it was too long to a person who was going to die. After the Death Star of the zombie warlock was interrupted, he also died, and his dead body would be used by others.
It would be better if my hero wraith was the shadow, and then I could use the dead body effectively, maybe I could let him buy Guild Wars 2 gold for me. But then I thought that only the ghouls and the zombie warlocks among the wraiths of Orr had the dead bodies, and the skeletons did not have the dead bodies, so it was not cost-effective.
We killed all of the wraiths with help of the members of the White Mantle quickly, we saw a village in the front of us, and there were lush crops on the fertile land.
The sea was not far away from the village, and it was very beautiful, there were many low houses along the coastline, many fishermen lived in them.
The fishing industry and the farming were the most famous industries in Kryta, and they were very important, so people of Kryta had much Guild Wars 2 gold. Kryta was in the middle of Tyria Continent, it bordered on the land with three sides, there was the sea on the south.
Kryta turned to be very powerful because of the superior geographical position and the pleasant climate.