My Wraith in Guild Wars 2

April 23, 2013

We felt that his excuse was not enough, even if he gave us much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, our prince died, unless he could resurrect the prince.

“The prince is still alive!” Dwayna said suddenly, she found that the prince did not die.

“Dwayna, is that you? Dylan, you come finally.” The prince was very weak, and he began to cough, after a while, he said again: “Please take care of my people well, and you must take them to Kryta safely, please promise me.”

“Yes, we promise you, we are going to take them to Kryta.” Dwayna said, and she cried very sadly.

Dwayna was a strong woman, and she never cried, but she cried so sadly today.

“I did not have enough magic strength and Guild Wars 2 gold, and I was turned by the strength of the Fire Knife, so I failed, it was not that Dagmar defeated me.” The prince said to us, so I thought that the holy weapon still had a disadvantage, it was not that everybody could use it easily, the person should have strong strength.

“Yes, I know, prince, you are our great prince forever.” Dwayna said to the prince kindly, but she could not save the prince, and then the prince died finally, he left us.

I was here, so I would not let the prince die, after five seconds, a living prince appeared suddenly, I resurrected him with my skill.

“What happened? I remember that I died just now, why am I living now? It is not line with the story of the game.” After the prince was resurrected, he looked at his body, as if it was not his body, he felt very strange.

“Don’t care the story of the game, prince, so many people miss you very much, and each of us is willing to buy Guild Wars 2 gold for you, so you could not leave.” I said to the prince.

But I was still happy, because he was my hero wraith now, and I thought that he should live together with other wraiths well, and they would help me to get much Guild Wars 2 gold.

“Yes, in fact, it is good news to me, because I will be with Adela together.” It seemed that the prince still loved his lover very deeply.

“Yes, you are right.” I smiled, the prince could see Adela, and the ice empress did not need to separate with Baroque, it was so perfect, but I did not know whether other wraiths were happy, and I thought I should get more wraiths in future, so other wraiths would not be lonely.