The Terrible Floor as Hell in Guild Wars 2

April 24, 2013

“I really miss it, I come to the fifth floor of the Lost Tower again.” The ice empress said suddenly, as if she remembered something.

“Why do you think so?” I doubted that maybe Baroque was her lover.

“I guarded the Ice Valley in the game before, and the valley was at the entrance of the Lost Tower, Baroque was on the highest floor of the tower. We killed many players quickly together, of course, we failed sometimes, and we gave our some equipment and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold to the players. But after the system was refreshed, we would be resurrected again.” The ice empress said.

“We are also players, don’t tell us your story again!” I felt a little uncomfortable, other people were also angry.

“Oh my god, yes, it is my fault, I am so sorry.” The ice empress said, “If the White Mantle does not appear, we will be happy forever, but now everything changes, we could not get back.”

“Don’t be sad; let’s move on, we have to buy Guild Wars 2 gold now, and you are near from your friend now.” We got ready for the new task.

After we killed the former cavalry, we cooperated with the ice empress more smoothly, if there was one more person who wanted to sow dissension, I would not believe him.

We got to the sixth floor, there were three death knights at the entrance, we looked into the distance, and then we saw many death knights, it seemed that the death knights guarded this floor. We could use the evasive enchantment and the Guild Wars 2 gold to deal with the assassin monster, but if we got out of the enchantment without care, we would be killed by the assassin right now.

After we killed all of the monsters, a different monster appeared.

The monster looked like human being, he also wore thick armor, but he was fatter, we were even lower than his leg.

He was in level 28, and he was standing in the fire, he had an axe in his hand, and there was fire on the axe. The fire lightened the skeletons on the wall, many bats were flying in the sky, all of us felt vey terrible, and I thought maybe we came to the storied hell, it seemed that he should have much Guild Wars 2 gold.

The enemy laughed, he thought that he was the leader in the world. But I felt that he was amative, maybe he liked the ice empress.