The Death Cavalry in Guild Wars 2

April 25, 2013

After we walked out of the turning, we found that the road was very narrow, and it only allowed one or two persons to pass. There were three cow monsters and two Fly Evils on the way, if we did not kill them with our skills and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, we would not pass. The three cow monsters were not the simple monsters. They were one simple monster, one poisoned monster and a skeleton monster.

We could not hit the simple monster first, or else it would turn to be two poisoned cows.

We also could not kill the poisoned cow so early, and the skill of the skeleton cow had a strong skill. We had the enchantment of the ice empress, so we were not afraid of the two Fly Evils. How to deal with the cow?

“Don’t worry, I have an idea.” The ice empress read some words, and then another enchantment appeared, and it could help us to avoid the hurt of the cow monsters, so the enemies could not threaten us so heavily, we would not lose much blood and Guild Wars 2 gold.

“You are going to be the master of enchantments.” I said to the ice empress with a smile.

“I have no other method.” The ice empress said, and then we went to buy Guild Wars 2 gold first.

We came to the fifth floor finally, and we completed half of the Lost Tower. There was no cow monster on the fifth floor, but there were more Fly Evils. There was one more kind of human monster, he was a cavalry who wore golden armor, and he had two lances on his back, he still took two blue swords in his hands.

“The swords are too beautiful, if I can get them, it will be great!” Cable said, and he liked the swords very much, “I really like them, and I think it is more beautiful than the Ice Dragon Sword.”

I was scared, if we got all of the equipments of this cavalry, we would get much Guild Wars 2 gold.

Though we said so much, but the enemy did not say a word, he rushed to us with his swords. He ran so fast, all of us were scared.

It was the Whirlwind, it was the skill of monster, it could interrupt the movement of the goal, if the goal was interrupted when he was using the skill, and then the skill could not be used in three to nine seconds, it consumed five points of energy, and the casting time was 0.5, the cooling time was four.