Guild Wars 2: Lava Ponds on the Fourth Floor

April 26, 2013

It was the enchantment of protection, the ice empress put this elite enchantment, and then we were in this enchantment, and we had stronger ability of defense.

“Thank you very much, ice sister.” Polly was busy adding blood and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, now there was the help of the ice empress, so she was not so busy.

“You are welcome, since I joined this team, I did not help you, and Dylan only knew a little water magic, so I only had this skill.” The ice empress smiled.

Because there was the enchantment of protection, we were not afraid of the fire magic of the monster.

The ice empress reduced the speed of the monster with the Ice Storm, and then we killed the monster easily.

After the combat was over, we had enough time to buy Guild Wars 2 gold, on the way, I said to Santana: “The two fire skills are good, do you have them in your skill bar?”

Santana opened her skill bar, and then she seemed unhappy, she shook her head and said: “If I am not wrong, the two skills should not be the skills on this continent. I never leave this continent, so I don’t know.”

“Well, your meaning is that you could use all of fire skills on the Tyria Continent, is it right? You could get much Guild Wars 2 gold with the skills.” I asked her.

“No, because we don’t arrive at many places, and many chief lines don’t open, so I could not learn all of the skills. I heard most skills of this continent in the library.” Santana said, and it seemed that she really liked reading books.

“Yes, you are right, only we open more chief lines, we could learn stronger skills.” I said, “It doesn’t matter, if we have a good chance in future, we will add these two skills.”

“It is great!” Santana only had two fire skills now, they were the Fire Storm and the Meteorite Shower, and so I felt that she was a little weak. Though the skill of the monster only had a function in a small range, but it only consumed five points of energy and a little Guild Wars 2 gold, so many elementalists liked it.

It was obvious that the area of the fourth floor was bigger than the former three floors, we walked for a long time, but we were still hovering in the place, and the worse thing was that there were some lava ponds on the ground, and many flame rods often gushed out of the ponds, Polly was afraid, and she nearly cried.