Fighting with the Ice Empress in Guild Wars 2

April 30, 2013

The two ice empresses were flying in the front of us, and they used her two great skills, I really felt that she was too boring.
“Close your mouth! Or else I will kill you!” It was a skill, and it hit the flying ice empress on the right side, though she lost much blood and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, but it was obvious that this one was sham.
“Yes, don’t cheat us, we know which one is your real body.” I said to the real ice empress. I thought she was not very clever, because she even could not cheat me.
“Well, since you know my secret, I also don’t want to use it.” The ice empress said, and then she used her hand to hide her fake body.
“What do you want to do? Do you want to fight with us by yourself? Do you have enough Guild Wars 2 gold?” Though I did not know why she did this, but I did not think she could be kind to us, she was our enemy, the only thought she had was killing us.
“Yes, it is me, but I don’t want to fight with all of you, and I only want to fight with you, Dylan.”
The ice empress smiled blackly. I was scared.
“What do you mean? Do you only want to fight with me?” I looked around, and I wanted to get the help of my mates, but I found that nobody was with me together, there was only myself, I even did not see my hero wraith, my shadow was also disappeared.
Oh my god, it was the special instance, I was sure that the ice empress took me into her own special instance. I had no skill, and I even could not buy Guild Wars 2 gold by myself, how could I fight with her?
After I looked over carefully, and then I found that my skill bar was not empty, and I had the same equipment and skills as my shadow, of course, I also had much Guild Wars 2 gold. What was wrong? Was the shadow one of me? But I thought it was my own shadow, so if it came into my body, it was not strange, because my body was its home.
“Are you ready? Handsome?” The ice empress said to me illegibly, I felt that she was so sexy now; maybe she liked me, so she only took me into her instance.
Yes, it must be so; she wanted to show me her love, so she wanted to fight with me alone. I felt glad and proud; I really was ruggedly handsome, and I did not think she was going to kill me, she even might give my much Guild Wars 2 gold, and so I should be safe.
“If you don’t answer me, I think you are ready, so I will hit you!” The ice empress said, and then she suddenly used a skill, a knife which was made of ice was thrown to me.
I was scared, and I even forgot to move.
Shit! She really hit me so heavily! I was hit by the negative skill of reducing speed, and I knew that I could not escape, so I had to stay at here, and I used the blood skill! The ice empress did not stop, she used another skill, but this skill did not hurt me heavily, and I stole much blood and Guild Wars 2 gold of her.
“What happened? What skill did you use just now?” The ice empress asked me, but I thought she was too foolish, she should know that there was a profession in the world, it was necromancer, and my skill was blood magic.