Guild Wars 2: Talking with the Ice Empress

April 30, 2013

“You are presumptuous! After the White Mantle comes, he will resurrect my power, and then I will have much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold and skills, I will kill you!” The ice empress said coldly, but she had no strength to resist me. Now she had no magic power, but she was weaker than a simple woman!
“Since you are going to kill me in future, and then I will get you now!” I put her on the ice surface, and I covered her with my body.
“I am hurt!” The ice surface was as adamant as the stone, and it was cold.
The voice of the ice empress meant that I did not care her, and then I felt very excited.
The ice empress did not resist me, and she also did not say a word, she accepted my violating. I took off her clothes, and then I saw her bare body.
“You are so perfect; I am willing to buy Guild Wars 2 gold for you.” I found that her body was more perfect than the ice crystals.
The ice empress’s face became red, and her breath was coming faster and faster, and her bare chest moved fiercely, as if she said to me: “Hurry up, I cannot stand!” I also could not stand, so……
We were so tired and cold, so we found a shelter cave, we put on our clothes, and we roasted ourselves before the fire.
It was my first time, but I did not think it was so great, I felt a little lost, as if I lost something, it was not the Guild Wars 2 gold. I did not know whether it was still true in realized world, and I wanted to give my first time to my lover before.
But she was so beautiful, so I did not regret. The ice empress was a non-player-controlled character; I did not know whether she would be pregnant, if she had our child, what would the child be?
“You are great.” The ice empress said tenderly, and her face was still red.
“What do you mean? Do you mean my battle power?” I asked, though I knew her meaning.
“You know my meaning.” She said.
“I am still a virgin.” I was surprised, because I thought she had many men before.
“Is that true?”
“Of course, I am the ice empress, and I have the best skills and most Guild Wars 2 gold, nobody dares to violate me, and all of them only adore me.” She showed her dignity now.