The Stratagem of the Ice Empress in Guild War

April 30, 2013

“What about the White Mantle? Doesn’t he want you?” I asked, I thought the entire men wanted to get her, or else the White Mantle was not a man.
“He only cares his career and his cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, he doesn’t like woman, and woman is nothing to him.” The ice empress said, as if she complained her host, maybe she seduced the White Mantle before, but he did not like her, so she hated him now.
“In fact, I don’t want to listen to the White Mantle, but I have a good friend, and he is caught by the White Mantle.” She said sadly.
“Who is he? Is he your boyfriend?” I thought she must love the person, I was a little unhappy.
“He is not human being, he is a centaur, and he is a cacique.” I felt the name was familiar, I remembered the monsters that fought with us on the beacon tower.
“Do you know? In fact, I failed on purpose just now, and I even could buy Guild Wars 2 gold for you.” The voice of the ice empress was very tender, and I got excited again, though I did not know what she wanted me to do for her, but I was comfortable now.
“Why did you do this? Do you want to betray the White Mantle? Maybe he will kill you, aren’t you afraid? Though he could give you much Guild Wars 2 gold, but he is stronger than you.” I asked, and I thought maybe she wanted to give her to me just now.
“Just now I told you that I did not want to listen to the White Mantle, I was only controlled by him.”
“Do you want me to help you to save your friend?” She made a special instance, and then she failed on purpose, she even gave me her body, I had to help her.
“Yes, you are a good man, and you won’t refuse me, is it right?” The ice empress smiled slyly, as if she was successful now.
Though I decided to help her, but I should get something from her.
“I promise you, but what will you give me?” I smiled, and I began to touch her again.
She smiled, and she pretended to be shy: “What do you want? If I have the thing you want, I am going to give you; do you want the Guild Wars 2 gold?”
“Well, I want you now!”
“You are so annoying! Aren’t you tired?” she said to me lewdly, and I covered her again……