Guild Wars 2: The Last Contest in the Arena

May 1, 2013

“Yes, it is my duty.” I smiled, “After the next contest begins, if there is monk or the Mesmer in the team of the enemies, we should kill them first, and I will use the skill of necromancer.”
“Latvia, you and Winnie have stronger attack power than me, so you should go to kill the monk first, and I will protect Dylan with my skill and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.” Cable said.
“Well, we will do it like this; I believe that we will also get the ten-time-champ even if we have no monk.”
The next contest started, there were two soldiers and two freelancers in the team of the enemies, and one of the freelancers was Dakar.
There was no monk to kill, so we had to kill the known person first. All of us knew the skill of Dakar, it was boring.
It was the Lightning Reflex, Dakar was a freelancer, he had many stances of blocking, and so many soldiers felt it difficult. But Cable was not afraid, he used a skill.
This skill could destroy the stance, and it could not be blocked, but after Cable used it, he had no anger and Guild Wars 2 gold. It was lucky that there were still Winnie and Latvia.
“Why do you hit me together?” Before Dakar died, he shouted, as if he felt very winding.
The third contest, the enemies still did not have a monk, but they had a female Mesmer, though she stood behind her mates, but she was also killed by us.
We got the win one by one, and we had more and more confidence and Guild Wars 2 gold, we coordinated with each other well.
We came to the tenth contest unconsciously; it was the most important contest. The black gate opened, and then I saw Polly and Adele.
I felt surprised, were they my enemies?
“Winnie, why are you in the other team?” Polly had the same mood as me. Though this was only a contest, it was not the real battle, but it was still a little difficult to hit others.
“Yes, it is me, Polly, how many victories do you get?” Winnie asked.
“We have nine.”
“We also have the nine; the team which gets the win of this contest will get the ten-time-champ.”
“Well, let’s try our best.” Polly said proudly.
“Yes, I will, Polly, you should be careful, my hammer is powerful.” Winnie said.
The enemies had a monk, a freelancer and two soldiers; it was obvious that they had better combination than us; we did not know whether they went to buy Guild Wars 2 gold before they came into the arena.