Explode the Gate in Guild Wars 2

May 2, 2013

There was no elite dwarf, and there were only a few cavalries with some cheap Guild Wars 2 gold. After we killed some dwarves, we saw the giant trebuchet.
“Go to die, stupid human beings, I will kill you!” The engineer said, but he did not find that his teammates were killed by us.
“Where is the fire from?” The engineer of the dwarves turned back, and then he saw us, he said amazedly: “It is impossible, how did you get here? Where is my guard?”
“They went to see Grenth; do you want to go with them?” Before he spoke, we killed him together.
We moved on, there was a closed door in the front of us; we could not pass with our skill and Guild Wars 2 gold.
“There is no road.” Polly said despondently.
“The road is found by people, we should look over carefully, and there might be a blind pass.” Mahon said.
“We don’t need to find it, let me burn the door.” Samaria said, and she got ready, but we did not know whether her skill was useful.
Suddenly I remembered the words of Torres, we needed the dynamite.
We saw many yellow casks in an old house.
I thought they should be the dynamite of the dwarves.
“How could we use it? I don’t see the fuse, and we don’t have the ignescent tool, shall we buy the tool with Guild Wars 2 gold?” Polly asked.
“We don’t need the fuse, put the dynamite on the door, and I will explode it with my fire.” Samaria said.
“No, I know the dynamite of the dwarves. After it is shocked, there will be certain reaction in it, and it will explode after a while.” Mahon knew many things, “A person should hold the cask of dynamite to the door, and he should drop it on the ground, and then he must leave quickly, the dynamite will explode soon.”
The process was too complicated. The person should be me.
I took the task of dynamite to the gate carefully. After I dropped it, all of us ran quickly.
After a while, we heard the huge sound, nearly the whole mountain began to shake.
“The human beings come!” The dwarves of the Stone Summit ran quickly after they saw us, they even had no time to buy Guild Wars 2 gold.
On the other side of the snow mountain, the ice empress was with Dagmar together.