Guild Wars 2 explore the different areas of Tyria

As you explore the different areas of Tyria you will stumble upon events. These are fun, sometimes challenging, tasks that you (and/or others) can complete. They generally consist of killing more difficult enemies (such as veterans or champions), defending an area, capturing an area, collecting materials, or something else along those lines.
Guild Wars 2 WvW
These events are a great way to rack up experience points for leveling. You’ll earn experience for killing enemies and for the completion of the event. On top of XP you’ll also receive some currency, a bit of karma, and loot from enemies you’ve killed. Stick around a little while after you’ve completed an event, though, because some turn into event chains consisting of 2-4 challenges back-t0-back.

If your server is doing well in WvW it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find a large group playing it. Participate in the captures of camps, keeps, and other points to rack up insane amounts of experience quickly. Playing in WvW is one of the best ways to level up fast in Guild Wars 2. Your character will receive tons of XP for helping to defend your servers’ captured structures and for taking over enemy structures.

While crafting in GW2 isn’t the most profitable venture, it does provide a ton of experience, especially for beginner players. One of the best professions to start with is Chef. It’s fairly affordable and easy to do. Leveling your crafting profession will, in turn, give your character experience toward your overall level. Generally speaking, you can expect to go up at least 10 levels by raising one craft profession to 400. Keep in mind that you can, by removing one or two at a time, max out every crafting profession to gain XP. In fact, the first Guild Wars 2 player to reach level 80 did so by crafting alone.

Many players overlook the value of completing the daily and monthly achievements in GW2. Daily achievements require you to select 5 challenges to complete for the day which can include getting kills, crafting items, gathering materials, and a variety of other things. Monthly achievements generally require the player to participate in a number of events, dungeon runs, and other tasks. Both reward the player with a decent amount of experience toward their next level, coin, karma and other forms of currency such as Laurels.