GW 2 return first game

July 27, 2013

Guild Wars 2 feels like the right game for the right time. Star Wars: The Old Republic is enjoyable, but the game’s dungeons, grouping, and key rotations feels old hat. The Secret World is quirky and absorbing, but its class-less, level-less system, and mission structures can seem experimental and ahead of its time. Guild Wars 2 feels like what World of Warcraft 2 would be, if there were such a thing.

You’re still in solid MMO territory with tab targeting and a medieval fantasy setting, but the process is streamlined to cut out extraneous or tedious busywork. The game play feels smooth and organic, and above all, convenient.

Guild Wars 2 is a return to Tyria, the world of the first game. It was a world that could use improvement, as areas were small and instanced, you could only play a human, the game had a strong focus on PvP and, though it looked nice, the aesthetics could come across as bland and unimaginative. Now I’m dancing the robot with my adorable Asura engineer when I’ve got a moment to spare.