GW 2 Storylines and Speed Up Movement

July 27, 2013

More Ways To Speed Up Movement and Boost Defense
With waypoints, you can get around the map pretty quickly. But I’d like to see either an overall speed boost to all the races, or more speed buffs spread liberally throughout the maps.

Virtually every MMORPG out there moves too slow, and Guild Wars 2 is no exception. I want to be able to run. Even adding a stamina-based running system would be fantastic, allowing players to move about the maps with greater speed and agility.

Along these lines, I’d like to see a buff to dodging at least for light-armored classes. It would be nice to be able to dodge more than twice in a row right off the bat, especially for classes with low armor ratings. More defense is always a plus.

I’d also like to see shields become more than just a weak second-hand weapon. Why not redo shields altogether, allowing players to use shield mode without a cool-down? Since one-handed weapons tend to be weaker than their two-handed counterparts this would give one-handed weapon builds more of a reason to use the defensive capabilities of shields.

Multiple Storylines For Each Area For Each Race
Right now in Guild Wars 2 if you start as a Human you’ll play a Human-centric storyline. Only one main story will be available to you throughout the game, and the rest of your adventures will be dynamic events, exploration, heart quests, etc.

I think it would be better to have multiple available storylines available either right off the bat, or starting around level 10.

In other words, if you played a Human Warrior you could follow the Human Warrior story or you could travel to one of the other areas and pick up an a new storyline there.

One interesting way to design this would be to unlock a second storyline at level 10 that the player could choose. Then at level 20, the player could choose a third storyline from the remaining areas/races and so forth. This would basically allow for more variety and create an incentive to travel to other areas and follow branching quests.