Guild Wars 2: Living story to get more serious, more permanent, and more personal

July 29, 2013

Guild Wars 2 Living story to get more serious, more permanent, and more personal

An interview on US Gamer with ArenaNet Game Director Colin Johanson serves as an interesting follow-up to his Guild Wars 2 planning post from earlier this month. In it he addresses the direction that the living story is taking as well as his intention to overhaul many of the game’s dungeons.

Johanson said that the team is responding to feedback by working to make GW2’s living story matter more to the player with more serious stories that will “blend” with the player’s own personal story. He reiterated that ArenaNet has great plans to use the living story to shape the game’s future: “There is now, and certainly will be a lot larger focus on ensuring that the content we’re building is creating experiences that people can permanently have when they come back two years later. Instead of saying, ‘I see something that happened two years ago but I can’t experience it,’, we want players to say, ‘I’m playing this and I’m playing it as a result of something that happened two years ago.'”

The game’s dungeons are also fair game for shaping. Johanson confirmed that the team will be revisiting most of its dungeons to make them “more exciting, more fun, more compelling, and also more rewarding.” He even mentioned the possibility of “blowing up” dull dungeons to replace with something better.

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