Diablo III style of playing

September 19, 2013

Diablo III style of playing
Goblin Ring: We always want something to pick up the items for us instead of picking up one by one and occupy the stash room. Lucky for us, this goblin ring has a chance to produce a legendry item from the normal items. But we only have to rings room, would you sacrifice the DPS to get this special effect? Or can we put it on the follower to get this ring working?

Legendary get a Speed Boost by destroying something: In the early Patch 1.0.5, we kick the barrels and barriers to get the gold who are referred to as Diablo 3 Gold farmers. But I guess in the ROS expansion, there would be a lot of players kicking something for movement speed instead. This is especially useful for those can farm easily and eager to get a high power level.

Jawbreaker: “It makes your Dashing Strike free when you hit a target more than 25 yards away”. This effect is really cool. Sometimes we would change our build for fun to farm low Monster Power. This would be one funny element.

Cow King’s Hallberd: “Dealing lightning damage and a chance to summon a heard of murderous cows to fight for you.” Even if you are not the Witch Doctor, you still can call forth something really cool.

Serpernt’s Sparker: “Allows you to have 1 additional Hydra active” This is another way meaning that you can have extra damage when you are equipped with this item. It sounds like you have have two kind of Mantra for a Monk, one to increase DPS and one to increase the spirit regeneration and healing.