RS Best Online Game

October 10, 2013

This is a great moment in the history of RuneScape, and we hope you have enjoyed all the amazing updates we released since the beginning of 2013. We still reserve many other surprises that we cannot wait to share with you, such as a new epic event of the sixth era and a new RS Gold skill!

Jagex have already won twice in the category “UK Developer of the Year”, and this time it is the turn of RuneScape to be nominated in the category “Best Online Game”. This year saw the release of RuneScape 3, making the most important day in the history of the game, and that would never have been possible without the support and suggestions that you brought us through the development process. Through shaped by players such as the Battle of Lumbridge and quests chosen by the community as the rightful inheritance of dwarf content, you could decide for yourself the future of Gielinor… And it is still you who decide the winner of the award of the coveted Golden Joystick Awards thanks to your votes!

The Golden Joystick Awards are the only ceremony of the games industry to be based solely on the votes of players to determine the name of the winner. That’s why we were so honored to receive awards in the past and have received support from a large number of players.

We are proud to announce that Jagex has once again been nominated in the categories of the Golden Joystick Awards, which will take place very soon!

You want to support RuneScape in the Golden Joystick Awards this year? Then visit the voting page on the website of the event and vote!