Earning ArcheAge Gold and Leveling Fast in Haranya and Nuia

October 24, 2014

Ore is an indispensable material in Archeage Online game, you have to use them when you building, producing weapons and equipment. What’s more, mining can also gain a rich of experience, so choose mining to upgrade your archeage characters and earn ArcheAge gold fast is a good choice.
There are 4 kinds of Ore in Archeage: Iron Ore, Copper Copper, Silver Silver and Gold Gold, the latter 3 kinds of minerals has a chance of appear after you digging the Iron Ore, and with a high experience you can get. Some player say that dig the Iron Ore in the wild, but find the Ore refresh is too slow and few resources. I can only tell you find the wrong place. Large mines with the crowded Ore usually, you can be a miner to earn money much in the game. Below is the places you can dig the Ore in eastern and western continent.

Eastern Continent

Eastern Continent

Western Continent

Western Continent
Seeing these hot mine now? If you find that your Labor Points could ever use, please concentrate on mining 1 hour, you will find the leveling speed faster than do archeage quests. What’s more, you can produce the Iron Ingots at once directly after you finished digging Iron Ore, believe you can upgrade again. Of course, if you do not want to produce, just put these Ore materials on AH, you can also earn much money!