Revelation Online civilian players a way to make money fast

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Ordinary day oracle if top-up the early game, what is really not kui, small make up the answer is, ignoring the mount box, wing box, box various activities, and basic break even dyeing box open, local tyrants words can also small earn more.Mainland appearance but cloud hanging a eternal topic.A golden dye, can let you earn money, ordinary dye system under the condition of in today’s home, also is very good sell.

Gift bag in addition to fashion gift bag, everything else is pretty useful, recommended to buy ~

Digression said much, says below, in the game to make money.As the saying goes, money is not enough time to gather together, and day, for a time to gather together the way, if you have enough time, after local tyrants is not just a dream.

A, open the trumpet.Amusement park (simple)

About two days to upgrade to level 40, online everyday do welcome (low cloud currency), every Tuesday and Saturday, the demon amusement park.

The trumpet of course is the most simple and efficient way to make money.Use of cloud hanging points to buy three point card every week, two bomb card, gravity card, a card three times.Not surprisingly, a small can get 15 not binding amusement award volumes, 15 godhead box.To open two weeks or so price amusement award 1300 gods 1300, a small week is about 15 w.

Godhead as before and after the game is the perfect way to force ascension, belong to one of the things will never depreciate.

Amusement prize volume recommended to sell as soon as possible, such as in local tyrants finished earrings.Is price.

Second, reputation raw materials.

Local tyrants and novices to life skills, most of them will not go to run reputation, they can walk the auction house directly.

What wood of beginner’s mind, beans, peppers, tortoise shell and things like that, you buy a original price 200, 800, 350 1100 auction, the price is low, but high demand to hold.Thing, of course, there must be a competitor, a moderate amount of yourself.

This series need to do everyday, the related standing up.Need to pay a certain amount of time.But a pay, long-term benefit.

Three, profiteering purpose auction house!

This is divided into two parts, the speculation speculation and the auction house

You must be in the future price trend, there is a simple, large amount of quenching stone, for example, shrines materials, wall material, the divine language pages, xing tao yuan, etc.Do prices stay in the heart, see here is experience.

Auction house part, a lot of players just set the price, and no design bidding, so you can often visit, the rule is not so difficult.

Small make up recommend focus on: quenching stone, the godhead, dye.

Four, processing fee.

Many local tyrants like to buy the finished product, not like in the middle of the red tape, such as: synthetic godhead, ChengLongWen emperor seals.You need to do is to buy cheap and parity of raw materials, and then synthesis, and sell a little higher, don’t look down upon this, small make up but with this earned the first bucket of gold.

Five, life skills

Some of the life is good sell products: and some life by-products, don’t throw the system stores.

In fact, I do not recommend this, things take time, I might as well have time practice a few more small ~.

But this belongs to the sooner you do, the more advantage, following some of the key necessities, if you can make that first step you can more easily make money.

Six, with a copy of the

If you have certain technology, beginners higher-order shrines, the Great Wall, can make a lot of money.