Albion Online Introduced A New Outlaw Debuff & PvP And Royal Continents

April 8, 2017

The developer team of Albion Online is trying to their best to improved the two significant features on the game, Royal Continents as well as PvP. Owing to current existence issues, and some gamers has sense of disappointment, especially for beginners. More news update and guides, there are more details:

If they take a risk forward to the PvP zones so as to gather precious resources on their own, what this means is that they probably being killed. Once other groups stepping into the zone, and they have greater possibility being killed. How to address this problem? Albion Online strengthen city guards strength as well as introduce a new outlaw debuff.

New Debuff: Outlaw
A new debuff was also introduced Albion Online, and it was called Outlaw, it as a mark to be attacked on sight by the city guards as well as guard towers. Regardless of safe zones or the cities, and the outlaw are not entitled to enter, at the same time, the outlaw is unable to leave PvP zones. What’s more, when the outlaw status is being active, and they will be unable to log out of the game. There are merely two ways to remove the outlaw status, either stay alive a few minutes or to be killed.

Guard Towers with the City Guards
City Guards possess powerful cannons, based on their health pool, and it can significantly damage gamers, eventually, make sure that hit the target. What this means is that no matter how powerful the city camping groups is, they will severely damaged from the new introduced arsenals. In order to futher increase the city guards strength, and archers can also added that even singlehandedly defeat the entire army. Although the City Guards will not kill players, they leave them in a very vulnerable state and may end up being killed by other players. As the best gold supplier, do you plan on buying albion online gold at u4gm?