Defense Captain In Madden 18 MUT Squads

June 30, 2017

With the release date of Madden 18 is approaching,  We could learn a lot Madden 18 information on the internet, and recently, EA Sports release a new play mode named MUT Squads which allows up to six players to play in three teams. Each team will have an offensive captain, a defensive captain and a coach. So today I will introduce more details about the Defense Captain, it will help you play Madden 18 easier in August.


  • Brings in all players from Defense for that user’s MUT Lineup
  • Brings in the defensive playbook and calls every play on Defense
  • When on Defense, the user can control any of the 11 players on the field not controlled by another user
  • There is no locking into only linebackers, defensive line, or secondary
  • Controls all audibles and adjustments on Defense
  • When on Offense, the user can control anyone besides the QB at the start of any given play

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