NBA 2K18: MyCareer Was A Novelty Mode With A Small Hub World

September 26, 2017

Alone among major sports games, it allowed fans to enjoy a sweeping singleplayer story that played out through games of basketball, as you guided a young kid from college basketball all the way through an NBA career. Indeed it became so successful that 2K’s sporting rival EA has begun to follow suit. Actual characters and a plot that developed off the court as well as on it, it was the perfect singleplayer panacea to sports gaming’s increasing reliance on multiplayer game modes.

NBA 2K18

The developers made a review for NBA 2K18’s mode, MyCareer was a novelty. Last year, MyCareer was focused around the player’s apartment, where you would end up between games. This year that’s gone, replaced with a small hub world called The Neighborhood. What needed improvement wasn’t the structure of MyCareer, but the people inhabiting it. Stay tuned for more information on NBA 2K18 updates as it becomes available, see more at here.

The Neighbourhood and an over-reliance on microtransactions—and everything good about the series has been stuffed into wherever it could fit to justify them. Fans are enjoying EA’s career modes despite all their problems because folks like Alex Hunter and Colt Cruise are genuine characters, able to generate sufficient gravitas to pull the player into their story.

The Neighbourhood, the idea was to NBA 2K18 its own World of Warcraft-ish staging area, where players would love to spend time wandering around, admiring their customisation and feeling truly part of a basketball-centred world. The addition of new elements, NBA 2K18 is more popular around the world, players can not wait to buy cheap NBA 2K18 MT from U4NBA.