The Bestiary League Is The Biggest Attraction In POE’s Update

March 3, 2018

The Patch 3.2.0 is released on yesterday, patch 3.2.0 will also refresh all classes. The goal of the creators is there greater diversity and light enhancement of those that enjoy the least popularity among players. The patch is currently only available on the PC, the console version will be released next week. The biggest attraction of the supplement is The Bestiary League, which is a league revolving around monster hunts. If you want to see everything you can find more at here.

The Bestiary is supposed to be driven with descriptions of monsters, on whose pages our progress will be recorded. In addition, special rituals with victims will allow us to open a portal to the spirit world, where we will face four powerful beasts whose defeat will provide unique rewards. The patch was debuted yesterday at 21:00 on PCs. Fans prefering the version for Xbox One will have to wait until next week.

In Addition, We Will See In The Game:

New adventures in act 10.
Changes in the Ascendancy Class system.
As many as 29 new, unique items that will contribute to the creation of even better things.
A difficult challenge for The Elder and The Shaper, in which we will face the most difficult boss in the game.
New jewels with skills such as Spectral Shield Throw and Summon Phantasm o nKill.

The Path of Exile is not without reason acclaimed as the successor of the popular game Hack and Slash – Diablo II. In Path of Exile, difficult, dark and brutal climate gives the perfect reproduction of the world that we know from the aforementioned game. Elder and Shaper, known from earlier adventures, will perform in this role, but this time we will face both of them at the same time. We are the best poe items seller, that’s why gamers access to ours website to buy path of exile orbs.