FIFA 20 Possession play Tips

August 3, 2019

Possession play in FIFA 20, becomes even more crucial with every update of the game it seems with EA trying to make us ‘Play Beautiful’ and ‘Master the art of passing.’ With that being said, you must try to play with players who possess high stats for passing, control, vision because these players are beginning to play a more prominent role year on year. Having a few players who have good all-round technical stats, such as the list above, will provide you with a focal point and help you keep possession and move the ball around much more efficiently.

Be patient
Although it can be incredibly tempting to want to get the ball into your strikers as soon as possible, this will only lead you to a relatively small amount of success for you. As U4GM FIFA Coins Seller said, it seems that EA always wants us, the players, to try to replicate how, in real life, the best teams play back and forth, probe around the pitch and work the ball sideways to find the best opportunities for their strikers. We realise and are frustrated by this often because you, as the player controlling the team, should be able to play exactly how you want to, however, if you are going to take our advice, which is why you will have bought the guide, this patient style of passing back and forth and probing with crisp, short passes should be how you’re looking to play in FIFA 20. On previous versions, you could get away with holding the pass button down and bypassing the midfield. This wasn’t the case on FIFA 20, and with FIFA 20, it is very similar. Be patient, keep the ball, play short 5-20 yard passes, and try work the opposition defense around. It will lead to gaps and will also tire/frustrate your opponent into making silly mistakes or diving in to try and regain possession.

When you come to the higher divisions on FUT, Seasons or Pro Clubs, they will defend much better, more compactly and more in-depth on the pitch and be experts at tracking player movements and reading the play, in the vast majority of cases so you need to be able to unlock them in a variety of ways. Keeping possession of the ball and keeping it moving will be crucial to your success in the higher divisions. There is nothing more frustrating than playing against an opponent who can keep the ball well. It leads you to pull your players out of position to try and win the ball back, and this is then when you leave yourself vulnerable, so make sure you pass, pass and pass some more.

By taking on this patient mentality, it will also lend itself to you launching dangerous counter-attacks. If you play this possession style, the opposition will be caught out when you move into quicker, sharper passing and you’ll be able to launch into some powerful, dangerous counter-attacks.

Use your key players
If you are using a team such as Real Madrid, for example, you try to focus all our play in the midfield through the likes of Kroos and Modric. On FIFA 20 you make sure that we’re using our key players, across all game modes, as they are technical and have great ball-playing players to be able to get you playing this patient style U4GM talked about extensively above. The vast majority of top teams will have players all have a broad vision field and rarely will misplace or over hit passes. This is crucial, especially with the introduction of all the innovations. If Busquets or a Kroos type player is playing the ball, then you know that it is going to be of good enough quality for the player receiving the ball to get hold of it and then make his next pass or have a shot, etc. A player of the quality of the players as mentioned above will be able to keep your play ticking over or pick that crucial through ball out from most areas on the pitch.

Think ahead
When keeping possession, it’s essential to try and think one or two passes in front, more in the higher divisions against the better quality opposition. The attacking AI players now do this as we’ve seen demonstrated by EA in the various trailers and press events leading up to the release of FIFA 20. After the updates, you know every year, and with even more work done for FIFA 20 they will be looking to move ahead of the play as well as now dropping off their markers, so this should make your job easier. You can trigger this movement of your players, so be sure to read these tips later on in the guide.

When you are passing the ball, you must check the other areas of the pitch while you are in possession. This will enable you to see the ruins of players or see if their formation has become unorganized and fractured. You can then work the ball into the correct area of the field where the opposition might be outnumbered or have a huge gap left for you to exploit.

TIPS: If your opponent picks up a red card in the game, then it’s essential to assess their team shape and plan how to exploit this. If they pause the game, after the red card, you can be sure they’re making changes so go ahead and use the radar and the on-pitch view to make sure you use the extra space wisely

Vary the pace of your build-up and types of passersby mixing up the speed of your attacks, and it will confuse your opponent and go back to making you unpredictable which, as we’ve mentioned numerous times, will be vital to improving and winning more games. We mix up the style of short passing across the midfield and back four short. Crisp passes to the front men to get more penetration. We promise you by mixing up the way you build your attacks will lead to more chances for you in front of the goal. Another critical element keeping possession is not always passing to the nearest man. If there is a switch of play open and you have a player with good passing stats in possession trust yourself and the player to play the pass. This will tire opponents quicker and also make it harder for them to guess where your next throw in the heading.

TIP: Use of L1/LB button in possession
This is something we never really used before, but since we have, we have increased our standard of play to an even higher level. If you follow our Facebook or Twitter pages, you will have seen that we have been regularly beating other division 1 players by many goals. This tip has given us a definite improvement. When you have the ball, you can tap L1/LB, and this will make one of your players make a forward run off the ball. This will move a player that is most likely to receive the pass and is so useful. You need to make sure you check the radar to see who starts to make the forward run. The vast majority of players will not use their radar and see the player with the ball, so you can use the runner off the ball to pick him out. Use a combination of the lobbed through ball, driven pass, driven through ball or a regular through ball, if there is space, of course.

To make your team make all kinds of runs then you can use the L1 then pass, then use L1 again once the next player has possession of the ball and you can repeat as much as you desire. Show caution if you are trying this because if you do start to do this, then it can leave huge gaps if you misplace a pass.

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