POE Trade and Path of Building Beginner’s Guide

December 3, 2019

POE Trade and Path of Building Beginner's Guide

Path of Exile 3.8 season is coming to an end, and POE 3.9 will be released soon. Before the release of POE 3.9(Conquerors of the Altas), let’s take a look at Poe trade and Path of Building. I hope that through this detailed guide of Poe trade and Path of Building, it can help new POE players and allow some new players to adapt to Path of Exile games as soon as possible. Not much to say, let’s start.

POE.Trade Detailed Guide: 

Poe Trade

Poe Trade

Leauge: The season is currently 3.8 Blight, you can also choose the standard zone (standard), including the standard zone and the HC of the season.

Type: Type of equipment (One-Handed Sword, Claw, Staff, Helmet, Bow, etc.)

Base: the base of the equipment (take the ring as an example, fire, ice, reactance, double reactance, etc.)

Offense: Attack area, used to screen weapons

Damage: Damage (damage on the weapon panel)

APS: Attack Speed

Crit: Critical Chance

DPS: Second injury (minimum damage + maximum damage) * attack speed / 2

eDPS: Elemental Second Damage (Elemental Damage Affix Lowest + Highest) * Attack Speed / 2

pDPS: Physical second injury (physical injury affix lowest + highest) * attack speed / 2 (if there is no element affix equals DPS)

Defense: defense area, used to screen armor

Armour: Armor

Evasion: Dodge

Shield: Energy Shield

Block: Chance to block

Sockets: hole series related (number of holes / color / link)

Sockets: number of holes (1-6)

Links: links to holes (1-6)
Colors: the colors of the holes, from left to right are red, green, blue, and white

Linked: how many holes with what color are connected, not commonly used

Requirements: equipment requirements (not commonly used)

POE.Trade Page

POE.Trade Page

Mods: Mods that come with the yellow outfit. The yellow outfit will be explained in more detail below.

Misc: various other attributes, only a few more important ones

Quality: Item quality (0-20, usually only used when searching for skill gems)

Level: level (1-21, used when searching for skills)

Itemlevel: Item level, some equipment requires a higher item level (above 84), the introduction to making equipment will be described in detail

Rarity: Rarity, white-blue-yellow-dark gold, the bottom relic is legacy, not in season zone
Corrupted: Whether it has been corrupted. Generally, the price of corrupted items will be lower, unless more useful affixes are corrupted.

Note: If you need to enchant on the head/shoe, you can find it in the mod
Example: Yellow armor with +2 barrage, with T1 life and 100 full resistance
First select helmet in type, then add the following three items in the mod:

1. # additional barrage projectiles (increase barrage projectiles) min fill in 2
2. + # to maximum life (increase the maximum health value) fill in 90 in the min column, max can be left blank
3. + #% total resistance (fill a total of resistance) in the field of 100 and enter 100, we will find the results we want

Note: For the equipment name is unclear, please see the link at the beginning


Path of Building Detailed Guide:

POB-full name of Path of building is a very useful auxiliary tool that can be used to simulate BD.

Path of Building

Path of Building

The talent tree is shown on the right, and the sublimation talent is in the outermost circle.

Top left corner
Tree: Talent Tree Simulation
Skills: Skill Simulation
Items: Equipment simulation
Calc: Calculate Damage
Bandit: Bandit, kill all by default
Main skill: Main skills

Directly above
0/123 and 0/8: Talent Points / Total Talent Points Used, Sublimation Talents / Total Sublimation Talent Points Used
level: level (not very useful)
The two on the right correspond to occupations and sublimation occupations.

Skills: Skill Simulation Page

Path of Building Skill

Path of Building Skill

Click new to add new skills
流放之路国际服萌新指南 POETRADE及POB使用
Level-Skill level (default is 20) quality-Skill quality (default is 0)
Socketed in: On which equipment is equipped

Items: Equipment simulation page

Path of Building Item

Path of Building Item

Path of Building Item page

From top to bottom, it corresponds to the main hand weapon, off-hand weapon (optional shield), helmet, Armour, gloves, shoes, necklace, ring 1, ring 2, belt, potion 1-5. If there are jewellery holes in your talent below, then jewellery holes will also be displayed below.

All the equipment you have joined Build
Import from: Select Yellow / Legend
Slot: item type (not generally used)
Type: More detailed item types (one-handed sword, shield, two-handed sword, etc.)

Unique Item: Take +2 barrage mouse head as an example:
Unique Item

Add to build: Join BD after adjusting the equipment properties
Edit: change equipment text (useless)
Apply enchantment: Increase enchantment
Corrupt: Corruption

If you need +2 barrage, select apply enchantment. In the interface below, select barrage in the skills column, labyrinth below corresponds to the maze difficulty (relentless/ultimate), the default is ultimate, and the lowest enchantment is 2 additional barrage projectiles.
Enchant Item

Rare Item:
First find the rare item you want in search, take Opal Ring as an example
Opal Ring

Prefix: prefix
Suffix: Suffix
Take the current version of the power ring as an example Prefix chooses the electric point to injure life and AED, suffix double-antibody + hit

The lower roll is used to adjust the affix, and the bottom is the base affix. Add to build after adjustment.

Calc: Calculate Damage

Socket group: Select the skills to test for damage
Calculation mode: select the default effective dps
The various data of skills are given in detail below
Skill hit damage: Skill hit damage
Attack / castrate: attack speed
ItsCrits: Critical chance * Critical damage (default 1.5 times)
Accuracy: Hit rate
Then the right half is the character attributes, not detailed
Further simulation of damage: click on the configuration

Introduce only the important parts
When in combat-
Power charge: Critical ball (blue ball)
Frenzy charge: Furious Ball (Green Ball)
Endurance charge: Endurance ball (red ball)
Onslaught: Onslaught
Unholy might: Unclean Power (30% Physical Damage plus Chaos Damage)
Fortify: body care
Effective DPS
Crit chance lucky: Is it a lucky crit?
This is the enemy a boss: Whether the enemy is a boss (the default is a soldier, generally choose shaper/guardian, ie father-in-law / four guards)