The most effective guide to card procedure in Lost Ark!

April 11, 2022

Introduction to the card procedure.

Cards drop from bosses, quests, and unique chests. You will find sometimes bundles in the checkout. Entry to the card procedure in the menu: checklist > card catalog.


Within the products tab, we can utilize the cards that we've. Drag a card through the left panel over the middle region to produce a deck. By equipping two or way more cards from your really very same set, we unlock stat bonuses that can make combat relatively much easier. Straight away immediately after equipping cards through the very same set, we'll see the description and the obtained bonus through the suitable panel. It demonstrates what's now enabled and what we could get if we additional a lot more cards.

Producing a total set early on is quite challenging, so it is greatest to start by equipping no matter what cards we've to form three pairs of two cards. And tweak factors to our liking as we unlock new maps.


The cards here might vary from individuals listed over the gear tab, so it is vital that you appear at each to check out what is new. The cards in this section are grouped into tiny books. Once the book is finished, everlasting stats will probably be additional to our checklist. Just scroll through the books to check out the bonuses we can get. The panel over the correct demonstrates all of the stats we've unlocked up to now.

Owning base cards will unlock the usual stat enhance. More could be unlocked by leveling up cards. This brings us to the subsequent section:


We may not promptly see the benefits of enhancing maps, so it is suitable to wait until we know which maps we choose to work on. Upgrading cards call for Card Practical experience Improve Factors and Silver. Once the practical experience meter is total, we can utilize the duplicate to awaken him to stage one Investigate. The second stage necessitates two duplicates and so on.

The sole purpose of upgrading cards is always to get a lot more bonuses while in the [books] tab. So it is smart only to level up individuals who have total sets. Card practical experience could be obtained by removing duplicates or opening card packs.