Diablo 4: Rogue’s Core Skills and Support Skills

May 26, 2023

Rogue is a new class in Diablo 4. His most prominent feature is that he needs to change different skill styles at different levels. Different genres need to use additional Diablo 4 weapon items, but the primary core skills will stay the same, coupled with the assistance of other skills. This will make the battle smoother, and you will not be unable to attack due to lack of energy.

The use of skills in different scenarios
Rogue often needs to face many complicated situations alone, and skills need to be adjusted according to the change of the scene. For example, in the skill Shadow Imbuement, when facing one enemy, its effect is far less than that of Poison Imbuement, but when facing multiple enemies, Shadow Imbuement will show a strong advantage. The two skills, Penetrating Shot and Whirling Blade are also unsuitable when facing an enemy, and rapid-fire should be used first. Therefore, to deal with different situations, the two skills of Poison Imbuement and rapid shooting must be learned. When encountering elite enemies, they can be quickly killed.

Core Skills and Supporting Skills
Shadow Imbuement is the most powerful AOE skill. This is the core skill of Rogue’s group attack. It can cause shadow damage to multiple targets. If the Rogue can quickly kill the enemy, this skill can expand the attack range and increase the crit. Rate and keep enemies vulnerable. Cooperating with the auxiliary skill of Devouring Shadow, Rogue can quickly recover energy.

The core problem of Rogue’s group attack is how to quickly and efficiently trigger the effect of Shadow Imbuement, which requires the cooperation of three skills: Whirling Blade, Penetrating Shot, and Quick Knife Stabbing.

Among them, the damage from the quick stabbing is the lowest, and the damage from a single round of the whirling blade is very high. At the same time, it can reduce the cooling time of the skill and increase the movement speed. The disadvantage is that it takes 1.5 seconds to return the blade and must be in a melee state, requiring more operations from the player.

The advantage of Penetrating Shot is that it has high damage. Every time it successfully penetrates an enemy, it can increase the damage by 10%. With the help of special shooting power, it can split more arrows. When fighting in groups, Provides a lot of damage. The disadvantage is that it consumes a lot of energy. If the weapon’s damage is not enough to kill the enemy instantly, the effect of the devouring shadow cannot be triggered, leading to insufficient energy.

The combination of Whirling Blade and Shadow Imbuement is indispensable to Rogue’s late melee style. In contrast, the combination of Penetrating Shot and Shadow Imbuement is the core of Rogue’s long-range style. For novices, if you are not used to more operations, using the long-range genre, which has fewer operations, a good view, and great damage, is recommended. The only disadvantage is that it requires relatively high energy.

Low-level skill set
When he first entered the game, Rogue needed to level up quickly. The best combination of skills at low levels was piercing, throwing knives, and rapid shooting. These two skills can help Rogue recover energy quickly at low levels. Before attacking an enemy, use the piercing knife to make the enemy vulnerable. Killing the vulnerable enemy with rapid fire will gain additional energy recovery. A quick shot consumes ten energy points. Rogue recovers nine energy points per second, plus the extra energy gained, so Rogue’s attack will not be interrupted due to insufficient energy.

Skill Enhancement
Piercing Throwing Knife only needs level 1 and simultaneously activates the two passive skills of Enhanced Piercing Throwing Knife and Basic Piercing Throwing Knife.

Rapid Fire Level 5 activates Enhanced Rapid Fire and Power Rapid Fire at the same time.

The combination of a piercing throwing knife and rapid shooting can be used until about level 20, which is the best combination of skills in the low-level period.

You need to inlay gems on your weapons if you want more attack damage. Please read Diablo 4 Items gem selection and installation cost.