Doubling Your Build Power in Diablo 4

June 13, 2023
Doubling Your Build Power in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 is the latest entry in the Diablo series, and to gain an advantage in this game, players need to increase the power of their characters. While understanding and implementing ways to improve a character’s power is complex, the rewards are huge. The following guide will provide players with tips to increase the character’s power, improving the player’s game experience.

Understanding Damage Multipliers

Before diving into specific methods, it’s crucial to understand how damage works in Diablo 4. The game offers various affixes that provide additive bonuses like +percentage damage or +percentage crit damage. While these are beneficial, the real game-changers are the damage multipliers. The game has three main damage multipliers: critical hits, vulnerable debuff, and overpower. You can increase your damage output by incorporating these multipliers into your build.

Item Power Breakpoints

Item power breakpoints are another crucial aspect to consider. A piece of gear will increase power at certain item power levels. It’s essential to check and upgrade your gear if it’s close to any of these breakpoints. However, hitting a breakpoint re-rolls the exact numbers you get, so always check the preview window before upgrading an item.

Weapon Primary Affixes and Attack Speed

When choosing a weapon, don’t focus on the DPS number. Each weapon type has a specific primary affix that can impact your build. For example, staffs offer bonus damage to crowd-controlled enemies, while axes damage healthy enemies. Additionally, consider the weapon’s attack speed. One-handed weapons swing faster but do less damage per hit, while two-handed weapons attack slower but deal more damage per hit.

Resistances and Enchanting Gear

While resistances to various elements can be beneficial, they often provide diminishing returns and may not be worth the affix slot on your gear. Instead, consider enchanting your gear to replace these affixes with more beneficial ones. However, enchanting can be expensive, especially for legendary items, so use it.

Using Gems Correctly

Gems are a valuable resource in Diablo 4, offering various effects depending on the type of gear they are slotted into. For example, a ruby in a weapon socket will give you bonus overpower damage. In contrast, the same ruby in an armor socket will provide a percentage increase to your greatest health.

Paragon Boards

Paragon boards offer another way to increase your power. Specific glyphs, like the exploit and spirit glyph, can be particularly beneficial depending on your build. It’s also worth considering the legendary nodes available to each class and finding the most efficient ways to reach the various Wells of Power on the board.

Hunting Down Legendaries and Uniques

Legendary and unique items can enhance your build. Hell Rifts are a well-known source of legendary equipment, but if you’re after the largest legendaries possible, focus on opening the mystery chests. Nightmare Dungeons offer a higher drop rate than other activities for unique Diablo 4 items.

Increasing your power in Diablo 4 is about something other than leveling up and acquiring new gear. It’s about understanding the game’s mechanics and making strategic decisions about your build, gear, and gameplay. By implementing these tips and tricks, you can double your build power and enhance your Diablo 4 experience.